Father’s Day 2020 Weekend Sales!

Whether for you or the father in your life there is no reason to not take advantage of these sales found on Amazon.

First up, this 15″ Alienware laptop is the cheapest it has ever been on Amazon! There are three options including only the laptop or with a carrying sleeve or a backpack. It does feature an older generation CPU and GPU but they actually can still pack a punch today.

Keep the bead! It may have been growing out recently so keep it. Just don’t let it get too crazy and out of control and start looking like a cave man. Speaking of… why not tame the flame too? 

Also the Best price on Amazon ever is currently the AMD Ryzen 3700x 8 core processor!

Stay connected… but better! last week I featured the 2-Pack of the Netgear Nighthawk WiFi 6 Mesh system. I actually installed them at my Dad’s place this week. It’s working flawlessly, as he has not called complaining yet!

Upgrade your Ram to something FAST! These Corsair 8GB sticks will give you 16GB total at 3600MHz.

How about a gaming upgrade? these GPU’s are some of the best deals night now.

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What is RAM?

RAM is short for Random-Access Memory. It’s a super fast component that can temporarily store information for the CPU to use or call back on.

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A GPU or Graphics Processing Unit is a dedicated processor often used to handle accelerating the renderings of images, video, and 2D or 3D animations.

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